First impressions were good and staff were friendly. But the doctor is always busy so time with him is short, waiting times are really long. You can also often hear the doctor getting angry at nurses. Finally we would of... read more

Okinawa #3,621 rating: 1/5

James Dover , an artist living and working In Fukuoka, Japan has renovated an eighty year old wharehouse as a personal gallery, school, studio . Original Paintings and drawings are available for purchase and can be ship... read more

Itoshima #3,427 rating: 5/5

I travelled for 3 weeks in Japan and this was one of the BEST place I went to for green tea ice cream parfait! Definately check it out if you are in the kyoto area!

Kyoto #2,413 rating: 5/5

Best Nepalese curry shop with Naan nishinaka, naka furano bestom super center, i recomand you to be there. Best Nepalese curry shop with Naan nishinaka, naka furano bestom super center, i recomand you to be there .... read more

#2,331 rating: 5/5

You can't find pizza there but the food is excellent and the service is very nice. My family of 4 came without exception and loved the food and atmosphere.

Nagoya #2,093 rating: 5/5

it was a private gym with 2 trainers and were bilingual!! gave us special deals so very satisfied! i tried other gym but they didn't understand a word i was saying and they asked us to fill in all sorts of papers AN... read more

Tokyo #2,073 rating: 5/5

We went to that coffee shop and bought something on the first floor, thinking we could eat on the second floor, because we ordered coffee. For my surprise, my wife and I were kicked out because we could not eat the thing... read more

Yokohama #2,070 rating: 1/5

The food is magic and vegan. The atmosphere is healing . There is good art and a books to enjoy. Come and check it out for yourself. Ring before you come.if you can.

Tachikawa #2,006 rating: 5/5

They didn't give us even water So we asked them water Then they gave us just tap warter Beef is so hard,but its so expensive

Kyoto #1,937 rating: 1/5

Former judo dojo, with an amazing view of the Kaifu rivermouth. Conveniently located near the shops and supermarkets in Kaiyo-cho. Currently a private residence.

#1,748 rating: 5/5